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PACtoVerde Project, which is part of the communication measures financed by the General Directorate for Agriculture and Rural Development of the EUROPEAN COMMISSION.

The purpose of the project is to explain the new CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) to farmers and ranchers as well as to the agents that participate in the value chain of these activities.

Given the activity you carry out, due to your direct relationship with potential beneficiaries of CAP aid, you have been selected and included in a database called INFO-STORE.

For this reason, you will receive information about the changes that are taking place in the CAP aid and how this can lead to the adoption of new ways of working for farmers and ranchers.

Information on adaptation and mitigation to climate change, energy efficiency, promotion of biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, will be available to you through the project WEB

You will also have access to practical workshops, online training courses and informative material both for you and for you to offer to your clients.

In this first shipment we will deliver an informative poster of the project and its activities to place in your facilities.

You can contact us by phone 981 530 500 or by

We want to thank you in advance for your collaboration, we hope that the contents and actions that will be developed will be useful and interesting.

Remind you that this project is financed through the Communication Measures of the CAP, General Directorate for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission, and the participation in it and in all the actions that integrate is completely free for you and your customers.

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