BRC (British Retail Consortium)

It is a regulation established by the British Retail Association or British Retail Consortium (BRC), which is one of the main commercial associations in the United Kingdom. It is made up of retailers who own small businesses, up to large specialized commercial chains and supermarkets. It represents approximately 90 per cent of retail businesses in the UK.


  • Ensure compliance with Legal Obligations.
  • Consumer protection by offering a safe and quality product.
  • Provide a common basis for supplier evaluations and audits.
  • Decrease in production costs.
  • Reduce food price inflation

The BRC Standards are used as a reference text in food quality and safety companies.

BRC Global Standards

The CRB’s globally recognized standards for best practices include product safety for food, packaging, consumer products, storage and distribution, and non-GMO foods. These standards are market leaders and provide a framework within which many global retailers, brand owners and manufacturers use their supplier assessment program and due diligence defense support.

BRC PACKAGING / IOP Global Standard for Packaging Materials and Packaging: Number 4 .

The BRC IOP / PACKAGING Standard (BRC ENVASES Y EMBALAJES) is especially suitable to provide a safety and quality guide for suppliers of packaging materials to food manufacturers. It is currently in demand by manufacturers of medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, baby items or consumer packaging products.

The BRC IOP / PACKAGING standard differentiates between two risk levels A or B, depending on the final use of the container and packaging material with respect to the type of product.

The Global Standard for Food Safety BRC IOP / PACKAGING requires:

  • The commitment of the company’s management team: the resources necessary to demonstrate that the commitment to comply with the requirements of the Standard has been acquired
  • A HACCP Plan that allows you to focus on the significant risks for the safety of the packaging and packaging processes and products and that require specific control in order to guarantee the safety of the products
  • An effective and documented Quality Management System
  • Prerequisite Programs: the basic environmental and operating conditions that the company must have


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