A correct application of phytosanitary products requires a homogeneous distribution of the product, and that it is in accordance with the authorized and recommended doses, in order to avoid harmful or detrimental effects on human health and the environment. A poor regulation of the equipment or application machines can lead to anomalous distributions and the presence of defects, failures or imbalances can cause leaks or spills of product in inappropriate places.

Calibration and inspection of phytosanitary equipment

The “Directive 2009/128/EC of the European Parliament and the Council, of October 21, 2009”, establishes the framework for community action to achieve a sustainable use of pesticides, has profoundly modified the regulations previously in force regarding the use of pesticides. phytosanitary products. Within the framework of Directive 2009/128/EC and the regulatory development of Law 43/2002, on Plant Health, Royal Decree 1311/2012, of September 14, has been published, establishing the framework for action to achieve a sustainable use of phytosanitary products, which modifies the regulations previously in force.


RD 1311/2012 on the sustainable use of pesticides affects both the agricultural field and other areas other than agriculture in which pesticides are also used. It is for this reason that FRUIT AND VEGETABLE CENTERS THAT PERFORM POST-HARVEST TREATMENTS.

REQUEST PRICES FOR POST-HARVEST EQUIPMENT. 2019. (PHONE: 607 89 49 68 / 96 330 19 52)


  • They must be registered in the ROPO as treatment companies
  • If the company has an advisor assigned, the advisory document will not be necessary, which means that the advisory technicians of each company must be registered in the ROPO as Advisors.
  • Treatments may only be carried out by professional users and prior advice on integrated pest management.
  • They must keep a record of treatments in accordance with annex III part II of RD 1311/2012, in which the treatments carried out are noted for each batch or groups of batches.

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