The BRC Standard for Agents and Brokers (agents and brokers) provides the essential certification for those companies that provide services of purchase, import or distribution of food products and/or the supply chain of packaging and consumer products.

It allows you to fill the gap between food producers and distributors, ensuring that suppliers operate according to quality and safety requirements and guaranteeing that the supplied product meets regulatory requirements and agreed contractual conditions.

This standard seeks to promote best practices in product safety, quality, traceability, compliance with legal requirements and consumer protection.

Its first version was published in 2014 and since August 2017 and version 2 is available.

Depending on the country, the same “ISO 9001” standard can be called differently, adding the name of the body that represents it within the country: UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 (Spain), IRAM-ISO 9001:2015, etc., accompanied by the year of the last update of the standard

Advantages for the ORGANIZATION

The Sections that make up the BRC Agents and Brokers Standard are:

  • Commitment of the Management Team: Total involvement of the Management in the different meetings required by the standard, at least: Review by the Management, Follow-up Meetings and Objectives.
  • Hazard and Risk Management: Have a hazard analysis disseminated throughout the organization to raise awareness among staff.
  • Product Safety and Quality Management System: Identification of legal requirements.
  • Management of Suppliers, Subcontractors and Services
  • Personnel: Training and education for personnel on safety issues and related to their own work.
  • Establishment of a system for traceability and product withdrawal from the market, tested, in order to be prepared for inconveniences involving safety.

What is the scope of the BRC Agents and Brokers standard?

  • Food products, including raw materials, processed foods, and fruits and vegetables.

  • Packaging materials: primary, secondary and tertiary materials and raw materials for the manufacture of packaging materials.

  • Pet food for domestic animals and consumer products.

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