The BRC Packaging Standard for containers and packaging materials, originally developed jointly by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and the Institute of Packaging (IOP), is currently considered the reference framework to guarantee the safety, legality and the quality of the containers and the packaging material used, both in the food industry and in other industries, being a standard highly demanded by manufacturers of food products, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics.

The Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials is the first such standard in the world to be recognized by the Global Global Food Safety Initiative (GSFI).

This standard provides guidance to help all packaging manufacturers produce safe packaging materials and manage product quality to meet customer requirements. Many brand owners, retailers, foodservice companies and manufacturers around the world acknowledge certification against the Standard when evaluating the capabilities of their suppliers.

Advantages for the ORGANIZATION

  • Commitment of Senior Management: The management team must demonstrate that it has acquired the full commitment to implement the requirements of the Standard, as well as the processes that facilitate the continuous improvement of food safety and quality management.</ li>
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points: They must implement a hazard analysis and risk assessment (HARA) to ensure that all product safety and legal hazards are identified and that the corresponding controls are established.
  • Product Safety and Quality Management: Based on the principles of ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, quality management requirements for food production and handling processes such as quality management documentation, supplier management, etc.
  • Site requirements: Good hygiene conditions are important in the design and construction, proper siting and the existence of adequate facilities to deal with the hazards that may arise.
  • Control of products and process
  • Control of the training of personnel who perform tasks that affect safety, legality and quality, as well as hygiene.

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