IFS. (International Featured Standards)


The International Food Standard (IFS) has been developed for all types of distributors (all sizes of companies and businesses, independent or not) and for wholesalers with similar activities (for example, from retail activities). cash and carry). They all have to ensure the safety of their “own” brand on the products they sell. The IFS helps to comply with all legal security requirements and provides common and transparent standards for all affected providers, as well as a concrete and firm response to the high security expectations of customers. IFS covers internationally accepted common auditing standards, in order to continually improve consumer safety.


Establish a common standard with a uniform evaluation system.

• Work with accredited and well-qualified certification bodies and authorized auditors.

• Guarantee comparability and transparency throughout the supply chain.

• Reduce costs and time for both suppliers and retailers.


The IFS Food is a standard for auditing companies that process food or companies that package food products in bulk. The IFS Food only applies when the product is “processed or treated” or when there is a risk of contamination of the product during its first packaging. The IFS Food applies to:

  • the processing and treatment and/or
  • the handling of bulk products and/or
  • the activities carried out during the first packaging

The IFS Logistics can be applied to both food and non-food products and covers all logistics activities such as loading, unloading and transport. The standard can be applied to all means of transport; trucks, trains, ships, planes and any other means of transport (with controlled temperature conditions or at room temperature).

The IFS Brokers has to apply to all those companies that mainly carry out a “trading activity” and that choose their suppliers themselves, buy merchandise themselves or trade merchandise and then ship it directly to their own customers, who are also charged directly, without them ever having come into contact with the product.

The IFS HPC is a standard whose goals are to guarantee product safety, reduce costs and ensure transparency with respect to the entire production chain of household and personal hygiene products.

IFS Packaging Guideline
This doctrine is an interpretation of the existing IFS Food, Version 5 requirements related to product packaging and contains no additional requirements.

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