The implementation of a Lean system is a process of change, which involves breaking with the thinking

• Design, plan and execute exactly what the client/user wants, when they want it and where they want it.

To lead the company to continuous improvement, Lean Manufacturing is established within the Quality and adviser operation. SL

  • The analysis of your Productive Human Organization (HPO). Hierarchical structure and functions.
  • The design of Autonomous Groups of People (GAP).
  • The implementation of Communication Boards (QCDP Visual Management).
  • Definition of indicators and objectives of Quality, Cost, Deadlines and People.
  • The implementation of structured communication in meetings.
  • The Creation of an Improvement Ideas system.
  • Analysis of their needs for Versatility and Polycompetence in their jobs.
  • The Overseer routine
  • Factory dashboards.
  • Implementation of tools: standardized work.
  • Provide Management tools to the Operations Department, Definition of Indicators in the plant and Visual Management of the company,
  • Implementation of OEE, Implementation of improvement plans at all levels, Involving all the people in the organization towards the Continuous Improvement of results. Training in Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement, Optimization of the productivity of machines and installations, Reduce changeover times and improve flexibility, Reduction of Breakdowns and Microstoppages.
  • Reduction of investments in new machinery, Reduction of Labor Costs, Reduction of poor quality costs
  • Reduce material losses and waste, Reduce logistics costs, both internal and external, Plan resources optimally

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