New process certifications for companies against the
current exceptional situation caused by COVID-19.

With the gradual reopening of shops and companies and with the latent importance of good personal, local, handling and customer hygiene, more and more certification bodies are launching new standards to ensure the minimization of the risk of contagion by microbiological agents all this based on:

1. Ensure the supply of food to our customers and thus to the population, in a complex work environment and with a demand for unusual characteristics.

2. Guarantee the food safety of our products. Maintain food safety standards at least at the same level as usual, and prevent COVID-19 from coming into contact with food, even when there is no evidence that food is being transmitted. Let us remember that it is the responsibility of the operator to guarantee the food safety of the products made available to the consumer.

3. Safeguard the health of the company’s workers. In this sense, the same applies to workers who are not on the plant as to those in other sectors (generally services), so we will emphasize in this manual what is referred to as plant personnel or to those who may have access. to the same.

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